400 unemployment

  • May 16,2021
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After the debate in Congress between Republicans and Democrats failed, President Donald Trump signed a series of executive orders which he determined how much the new value of the unemployment benefit would be. The crisis that hit the American economy is very strong and the package of measures seeks to bring relief to the population.

The decision made by the president includes four measures designed to contain the poor economic situation of the majority of workers. In addition to extending the weekly unemployment assistance of $400, a cut was made in one of the most important taxes paid by workers, it was decreed that homeowners and renters receive financial assistance to avoid evictions and established an extension to the cancellation of the payment of interest that falls on students who have taken loans.

Until the end of July, American workers and families who were surprised by the crisis situation of 2020, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, a sum of $600 per week in order to protect their jobs, integrity and industries. Before the end of the agreed term to grant that money, the most important political parties had to agree in Congress how to proceed. Faced with the failure of the negotiations, President Trump decided to establish $400 as the new sum to be received for unemployment. Although the decree has already been signed, many voices have been raised against the measure. On the one hand, the Democratic party wants the amount to continue in the order of $600 and, on the other, the administrations of the different states are wondering how they will finance that payment. According to what the order establishes, the national administration takes care of $300 and the states of the missing $100.

Regarding the rest of the guidelines established by the decree, the suspension of the payment of taxes to Social Security and the Medicare plan applies to people who receive less than $4000 gross every two weeks, the protection against possible evictions will be well received since It is a measure that the opposition party also requested and the situation of student loans is not modified by extending a measure that was in force.

The decision to award $400 for unemployment is another measure that will bring controversy from Trump.