• Apr 18,2021
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 The United States has been the country most affected by the global crisis that we are experiencing, the coronavirus figures raise deaths to thousands, being the nation with the most deaths in the world, and those infected do not stop growing, with millions already infected. To all this, we must add the political and social uncertainty they live, with controversial elections just around the corner and the #BlackLivesMatter movement still burning.


Throughout this cocktail, there is one situation that truly worries the American people. Like their covid-19 curve, they also fail to curb their unemployment rate, raising the number of unemployed to more than 25 million Americans without work. It is an extreme situation in which many families find themselves, causing the climate in many parts of the country to get worse and worse, since all of them would lose the weekly aid imposed by the government as compensation for pandemic unemployment that Congress approved last March.


According to estimates, among those affected are 15.6 million citizens who were already registered, receiving their unemployment benefits, and to which must be added the 9 million people who registered for the pandemic unemployment assistance program, causing a Once these aids are withdrawn, unemployed Americans receive only the compensation that each state assigns. According to calculations, they will lose between 50% and 85% of their unemployment benefits, something that makes life unviable for many families.


In light of all this, its president, Donald Trump, ordered last Saturday an aid plan for the unemployed in the United States that would consist of a weekly economic aid of $ 400 unemployment that citizens could enjoy right now and not be left without any type of income, being an extension of unemployment. With this he tries to stop the impact of unemployment in the country due to the coronavirus and asks the states to help by paying a part, a point that has not received the support of the whole world.


For weeks they have been arguing about how to deal with this economic crisis and each of the territories was counting on receiving a good amount of millions to offer to its citizens. In this situation of technical tie and without any point on which to agree, with the Republicans against further negotiations, Trump added pressure by declaring this executive order.


As happens every time Trump proposes a new project, it has its defenders and its detractors, such is the case of Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, who has described these actions as laughable and failed, recalling that according to the decree, the 25 % of the aid will be provided by the states, adding that this is unfeasible. He points out that paying a quarter would cost New York about 4 million dollars, and this would not help to solve the economic problem, which is why he has called for legislation in this regard.


Since the Trump administration handed over responsibility to the states, they have suffered a lot of wear and tear, being seriously affected by the economic closures they have had to face to contain the virus. With all this, many of them have already exhausted their economic reserves and must be added the sum of almost $ 20,000 million from the United States Treasury.


The head of government ratings, Eric Kim, for his part pointed out last Monday that those states that participate will have to contribute between $ 14,000 million and $ 15,000 million, something that he considers "a lot of money for the states, particularly for something that they have not been paying right now. " From the White House they have replied that this money may come from the $ 150,000 million that the governments have given them for the relief of the coronavirus, pointing out that there are still more than $ 80,000 million available.


With the gradual opening of the markets, the country's economy begins to reactivate, managing to lower the unemployment rate for several consecutive months since May, falling in July to its historical maximum, registering 10.2%.


In the middle of all this is the citizenship, who sees how they lose their income and find in this measure a new unemployment login. Such is the desperation and uncertainty that is breathed, that in the first week more than 1.3 million people were registered who have already requested this extension of unemployment, and these figures have not stopped repeating themselves during all this time.