The women Joe Biden might pick for vice president

  • Apr 18,2021
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One of the biggest decisions that Joe Biden must make if he becomes president of the United States will be the decision of who will become a vice president. In an interview with MSNBC last week he gave some light about who he is going to entrust the title of vice president. He told the interviewer that he was exploring for hours the reports about the four candidates. He added that when he is done with the observation, he will tight the circle of candidates and then have a discussion with each one of them and then he will see. This clarifies the fact that Bidden will be ready with his decision at the earliest of August. We assume that he will try to make and announce his decision around the beginning of the Democratic National Convention on August 17. So, he is sticking up with the tradition of picking the vice president the days before the national convention. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump announced their choices three days before the event. It looks like Democrats and all of Biden’s supporters must wait a little bit longer to see which are his picks. Here ‘s a list of joe Biden’s likeliest choices:

10.Tammy Baldwin.

She is a Washington senator which Bidden described as progressive and reasonable. Experts claim that Bidden is not going to choose a white woman for VP but if he does Baldwin is on the list.

  1. Gina Raimondo.

She is the Rhode Island governor and one of the most anti-Trump people. Raimondo stand against him when was a tough time of dealing with the coronavirus. Also, she is the most moderate candidate for Biden’s pick.

8.Karen Bass:

In Biden’s interview that we mentioned earlier he revealed that he is being looking through the candidacy of four women. The first three are obvious and the four might be Bass. She is a California congresswoman and has all needed to be VP.

  1. Val Demings:

Now she a Florida House member but in the past she was the chief of the police in Orlando. She is going through a tough time right now because the national publications are digging in her past in Orlando. Experts are saying that with picking her, Biden will lose the voters in Florida.

  1. Michelle Lujan Grisham

Grisham is the governor of New Mexico and with choosing her Biden has great chance of winning the Latino vote which has been critical to him. With Grisham by his side is probably that he will win the Latinos because she is one of the highest ranking Latina officials in the country.

5 . Elizabeth Warren:

Warren is the Massachusetts senator and is one of the most likely women to be picked. She has emerged as a key voice in his policy operation. And Bidden and Warren are also close to each other.

  1. Tammy Duckworth

She is the Illinois senator and recently she got a lot of medias’ attention about the attacks against her by Fox News. Duckworth was on New York Times last week and she was talking about her prospects as vice president, she also was on a debate with Trump when he wanted to send federal forces to Chicago.

  1. Susan Rice

Rice is a former US Ambassador to the United Nations and except Lujan Grisham he is the person on the list who is the most probable one to be Biden’s pick. She has been a couple of times in New York Times speaking about global topics and how she would change things if she had the power.

  1. Keisha Lance Bottoms:

Keisha is the Atlanta’s mayor and she is making a lot of sense being chosen by Biden. She gained a lot of attention in the last months with her fights about the masks and should they be reasonable to weaken the spread of the coronavirus.

1.Kamala Harris

As a California senator she is being reserved and trying not to get the attention which is being a little suspicious. Therefore, the experts point at her about Biden’s first choice for now. Another clue is that she was working on softening her image to be an appropriate candidate for vice president.

Michelle Obama is not on the list because on multiple interviews she said that she won’t go into the politics but if she was , she will be definitely Biden’s pick.