Donald Trump giving his reelection stump with a few strange promises to the US citizens

  • Apr 18,2021
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Due to the upcoming US presidential elections in November, Donald Trump is making his reelection stump giving some strange promises to the audience. After he launched his presidential bid in 2015, his stump speech has stayed pretty much the same, but now when the new elections have come, he has developed a new interesting way to justify why the U.S. citizens have to reelect him.

President Trump is emphasizing in the household appliances and his relationship with science. He promises to the US citizens better showers, normal house light, and qualified dishwashers. He is also giving his perspective about the useless technology of the windmills and how if he has not defeated his opponent Hilary Clinton in 2016s presidential elections, the windmills would have been spread everywhere.

The first Trump’s promise is FULL SHOWER FLOW. It turns out that the president hates showers with restrictions because of their low water pressure. That kind of showers makes you stay in the shower much longer than you are supposed to and that is probably the reason why you will use more water than usual. Trump’s solution is getting rid of those restrictor showers and releasing new with full shower flow.

The second Trump’s promise is removing the orange color from your skin to look better. According to the president, the curious orange color on his skin is because of the modern light bulbs. He is blaming their light for this “terribly” orange look of his skin. He also says that their cost is five times the price of the old lightbulb and they are also considered as hazardous waste. The president’s administration blocked the rule which phased out the older incandescent bulbs and required the people to use the new energy-efficient lightbulbs.

The third Trump’s promise is to improve the dishwashers, so your dishes would look beautiful. The President says that he is not exactly sure how the dishwashers work nowadays, but obviously they do not use enough water. That’s the reason you end up using the machine around 10 times and the plates are still not clean, so you must do it again in an old-fashioned way. In that case, you are spending much more water and electricity. That’s why the president is promising to approve new dishwashers that are using more water, but the dishes will be clean and rinse after the first time.

The fourth Trump’s promise is to stop the wide spreading of the windmills. It turns out that President Trump has a strange hatred for windmills and doesn’t really understand how they work. For him, this technology is just a threat for birds, because under every windmill you can see a lot of dead birds. He is also making fun of the fact that the wind is disappearing.