Billions are being invested in India from Silicon valley’s biggest companies

  • May 16,2021
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 From the beginning of 2020 around $17 billion were invested in India by the US biggest technology companies.There are the statistics in chronological way – in January Amazon invested $1 billion,in late April Facebook invested almost %6 billion and Google beaten them with the biggest amount of money - $10 billion.Not only these big companies invest in India,they are just some part of the investors in India’s tech industry.These day the investments are over $20 billion and they almost are all from United States.

The situations seem really unlikely to all the critics because just a few month ago all the investors’ companies were in a really bad relationship with the Indian tech industry and New Delhi was not a place they were welcomed to.But a has changed since this bad period.The most significant thing that happened since then is as expectedly the Coronavirus that hit global economy and especially India.China and India had a really bad relationships anyways during the past years even if the tried really hard to behave well with each other.Due to this situation the Trump’s administration started to act suspicious  and lost their trust in Chinese companies. Although India has always been a draw to United States biggest companies,the lack of good relationship with the Chinese business and the new threats to their biggest megapolises like Hong Kong are making US see the Indians in a new light.There is another important factor that can not be neglected,the big amount of investments lately is due to the India’s digital economy with almost 1 billion users of internet and another half billion yet to come online.And this is a very impressing thing that can’t be ignored.

Most of the people who have understanding in business believe that in the future India is going to be a good market and its regulations would be understandable and fair enough for each one of the participants.This is the opinion of Ray Gullish, who heads tech policy aim US-India Business Council. He has the confidence that their tech industry has a deep roots that exist from really long time ago so it won’t be hard for the things to happen.

The big tech companies from Silicon Valley have been isolating China from years now and this is all because of the censorship mechanism. And the non-understanding law for national security  which has been imposed in Hong Kong about this that Facebook and Google are still accessible because of the unlimited internet could do take them any further. This law gives full power to the authorities to regulate the social media platforms such as Facebook,Twitter,Google,to take any post that threatens China’s national security in any way.All the tech platforms insisted that they will not stop to share data with the government until Tic Tok is out of the town.

Mark Lamley who is director of Stanford University's program in law, science and technology said that it is getting harder and harder to do business with China.Other thing is that doing business with China every time involves problems in moral issues.

And Unated States are becoming  less trusting in China.President Donald Trump decided to stop the expansion plans of the Chinese tech company Huawei.His administration also is thinking about banning the most popular app in the US right now – Tik Tik.And this will be a one step closer to India.Indians also banned the popular app last month and not this but also around 10 more apps.There are not so many countries left that support Chinese apps like it was in the past. No matter the relationships between the two countries,an interesting fact is that Chinese smartphones still dominates the Indian market and most of India ‘s start up are supported by Chinese investments and this is the main reason why the critics are excited about the future.