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  • May 16,2021
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UI Online is the fastest and most efficient way for US citizens to submit their unemployment claims. It is the unemployment insurance online that the authorities have made available to the citizens of the country to expedite the procedures and paperwork that may be caused. Unemployment insurance is a joint project at the state and federal level, each of the states administers its own program, although they have to follow the guidelines set by federal law.

The online unemployment insurance programs of the Department of Labor give their users a series of unemployment benefits, but not all people can benefit from this insurance, there are a series of requirements. They are generally:

  • Being unemployed for reasons beyond the control of the applicant. That is, you are unemployed because there is no job available in your last job.


  • Comply with a series of labor and salary requirements, which is also set by their own state, who will set the minimum time, called "base period", that the person has to prove that they have been working and the salary they have received during this time. In most states they require it to be the last full year and a half before you can file.


  • To these two points we must add the requirements that each of the states mark, there is a list that you can find on the website of the US Department of Labor itself.

To be able to enroll in this UI Online you will have to file a petition in the state in which you were working, trying to do so in the fastest way since you became unemployed. If it is the case that this is not the state in which you are living at the moment or even worked in several of them, you can go to the state unemployment insurance agency where you are and they will give you all the information you need . It is very important to give all the information that they ask for, so you will avoid that your request is delayed, being the general rule that the final resolution takes between two or three weeks.

With this unemployment insurance online you can get up to $ 600 retroactively, which means that the moment you are notified that the application has been accepted you will receive the money from the date of presentation. Around 40% of applicants are still waiting for their aid payments, which translates to more than 15 million people. This is a slow process but the authorities are encouraged to continue submitting their applications for unemployment insurance online, because as they say "This is your money and you have earned it"