The opinion of Donald Trump of school reopenings

  • Apr 18,2021
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President Donald Trump is trying hard to rescue his reelection campaign this week. He is suggesting some great ideas in coronavirus topics but one of the things that seems really unlogic is his will to reopen the schools this fall. As people know him and his ideas, he is sometimes going crazy with his proposals but this one sounds the most ridiculous. He is urging parents to send their children back to school this autumn even if the risks are big because among the children the virus could spread really fast and even if it’s not dangerous for them they can pass it through their teachers and older members of the family.

His logic is hard to follow because he said that he was concerned about the safety of convention goers in Jacksonville and then out of nowhere according to him is safe for the children to go back to school. White House has requested $105 billion on Thursday in the next stimulus bill. This money would provide more resources for precautions for the schools that will reopen. And in the hotspots where delay must be necessary he is requesting money for the parents so they decide if they want to send their children to private schools.

Unfortunately his willingness to sponsor the reopening schools is becoming another reason for political battles between the President ,the local officials and especially the Republicans. It is well known that his belief that schools must reopen is navigated by his will to get the USA’s economy back to normality. And this is linked with his desire to be reelected this fall. His chances are weak because all of the Americans are in a difficult moment and they are scared for their lives.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made a poll in which they asked American parents if they are okay with their children going back to school. The major answer was no, and it is pretty simple why. The parents are concerned that the schools may not provide enough resources to make the children safe and another reason is no matter how strict are the schools, the children may not observe the rules.

Trump said in a briefing this week that children don’t transfer the virus as easily as everybody thoughts and the chance to bring it home is not that big, but these claims are still being checked. He just wants to see the economy moving, that's why he wants to open the schools, he said and announced that everything will be safe and with the needed precautions.

It seems that the President doesn’t listen to his advisers and he is not taking their warning seriously, said doctor  Deborah Birx who is the coordinator of the White House, because the scientists are still studying how quickly the virus is spreading through the children. Not only that but we heard of lots of cases where children had suffered severe consequences from being in contact with diseased people. Many children died and others with asthma and lung diseases are at great risk. Another thing that is being investigated is the possibility of long term consequences for people with Covid-19 after they recovered. White House also supports the President because children missed too much in person school this year and one more is it will cause serious gaps in the education. The Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos claims that children are stoppers of the disease, which is inaccurate. In early July in a briefing, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield declared that the risk of children spreading the virus is very unknown. No matter that there is no evidence that children are a big transmitter he said that for now people should be more careful. Due to the lack of data that proves how the children are getting along with the virus and its transmission, Brix insists that schools must remain closed in the fall.