The failure of the Trump administration

  • Apr 18,2021
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People of Saad Jabri’s family are missing, and according to the U.S. congressional lawmakers and human rights group, the Jarbi relatives are held by Saudi Arabia ruling the royal dynasty. They are holding them with the purpose to lure the family patriarch back from his self-imposed exile in Canada. It’s said that Jarbi has information about the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Critics said that this is called the latest crackdown by the ruler of Saudi Arabia. Trump and his administration are not so interested in authoritarian regimes and human rights. 

Trump also avoid the crown prince's involvement in the murder of a U.S.-based Saudi journalist. 

Mohamed Soltan, head of a Washington-based human right organization, said that without the responsibility which was restricted from the other U.S. governments, the actions of Prince Mohammed are becoming even more ruthless. If the Trump administration was not operating right now, this wouldn’t have happened. 

Polls have shown that Trump will lose the elections. Some other countries consider those last few months as the last chance to make their provocative moves before the new U.S. policy takes hold and prevents that kind of step. 

A lot of governments are using the coronavirus pandemic to distract people’s minds and grab the power and institute measures of control in the name of security. 

Some countries of Latin America learned that while they are cooperating with Trump on its immigration politics, they can split out from the corruption in their country, the gutting of the courts, and the political repression. It’s no accident that the China and Russian leaders, made moves during the Trump administration to lock them into the power of life and there was no protest from Trump's side. 

El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele says that Trump-led government will not say anything critic if he rode roughshod over the national Legislature and the Supreme Court for furthering his own institutions for which the U.S. citizens have built up with their tax payments. 

Gimena Sanchez – Garzoli is saying that authoritarianism exists before Trump but in the last few years with his administration, it became worse. 

The president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez, has enjoyed unwavering support from Trump in a U.S. case against his brother. His brother has been found guilty and the president denied wrongdoing. Hernandez won the reelections in 2017 thanks to the Trump administration and is believed that he maneuvering to run again, which is considered as illegal and against the low in Honduras.

Israel has already taken the benefits from the Trump administration, who moved the American embassy in Jerusalem and take part in the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. It looks like Israel was planning to take another advantage from its relationship with Trump and embark on the ultimate power move: annexing parts of the West Bank which is now a Palestinian state. 

This idea of annexing is completely illegal considering international law. There was a global discussion, in which also Israel participated, but not the Trump administration. Such a move could make difficult the reelection campaign of Trump. 

The mysterious explosions in Iran the last few weeks, has raised the speculation if Israel was guilty.
Under President Obama, Israel was often being restricted, especially when it comes to confrontations
with Iran.

Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah says that the Trump administration has weakened America’s traditional role
as a global leader and unifier. Several Arab states with poor human rights have lobbied the White House to circumvent the U.S. congressional opposition and use this to push forward major acquisitions of American weapons. One year ago, a secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo has agreed to unfreeze the sale of $8 billion for weapons. Also, this month, Trump ordered the U.S. officials to ignore the international arms-control agreements and continue with the sale of the big, armed,

Reaper drones to countries of the Middle East. According to Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey, this decision will make the possibility of giving the most powerful weaponry to the biggest human rights breakers in the world, very big.