Serious Climate Change Problems - Summer can become dangerous

  • Apr 18,2021
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As we know our world is exposed to big climate changes nowadays and scientists predict that maybe soon we will have a reason to be afraid of our lives. There is a chance that lots of people could be in danger because of exposure to very high levels of heat stress. This is a noxious condition because it can make your organs shut down. Global Warming is a real thing and it is getting more and more dangerous for us, because of its chances of having summer conditions which are too hot to handle and to work in are getting bigger and bigger. Many people living in developing countries are exposed to these life-threatening conditions,including people working in open spaces like farms, building sites, or even if you are indoors in big factories, warehouses, or hospitals. Dr. Jimmy Lee, an emergency medic who is working in a hospital in Singapore said that he is laboring in stiffing heat of the tropical climate in his country, he explains that there is no air conditioning and this is irritating him and his colleagues lately so they become nagging with each other.Dr. Lee reveals that overheating can not only make you slow or demotivated but it can slow down the ability to do something which is really important in medicine stuff to make quick decisions. Also, the high temperatures can damage your brain function and will make fill stupid like you can't make any decision. Another thing is most of the people ignore the warning signs of preheating like faintness and nausea, so they keep working and in a moment they can collapse.

Many people don't realize the threats behind the heat stress. This can be explained very easily. It's when your body is very hot and it can cool down properly and get rid of the unnecessary heat. If this doesn't happen when the body really needs it and the temperature of the body is at very high levels it gets risky for our key organs because it is possible for them to shut down. This happens because the main method for getting rid of the excess heat is to evaporate the sweat on the skin but this could not happen because of the humidity. Another bad thing is that the people who are working with special equipment like doctors, constructors, mechanics struggle more because these costumes have the effect of preventing the sweat from evaporating. Dr. Rebecca Lucas who is a physiologist at the University of Birmingham the main symptoms of heat stress are fainting and disorientation and can escalate to some serious failures of the guts and kidneys. So we have to be very cautious and watch for the symptoms so we can keep our bodies under control. So there is a system called Wet Bulb Globe Temperature and it measures the heat, the humidity, and other factors so we can be aware of the conditions. The system is really old and trustworthy because it was used back in 1950 in the US Military to keep the soldiers safe. When the scale reaches 29C it recommends suspending exercises for the people who are not acclimatized. Yet this is the level where many people experience every day and struggle with that. If the WBGT registers 32C on the scale, it is said that every exercise should stop immediately because the risk is getting extreme and it can cause serious damage to your body.

A very big impact on these conditions has climate change. As the global temperature rises, the humidity is also growing which means that more people are exposed to the deadly combination of heat and humidity. Professor Richards Betts and his colleagues suggest that the number of days when the scale of WGBT is above 32 is set to increase.

The best solutions to this enormous problem are that people need to drink more water, take short breaks, stop working immediately when they feel dizzy, and take plenty of fluids during the day. Dr. Lee admits that preventions that are needed are easier to speak about than done, but they are trying to integrate free drinks at work especially for the people who are working outside. Another difficult thing is that some people don't want to be disloyal so that's why they don't stop working when they feel overheated. Dr. Lee says that as well as measures like taking breaks and water - and shade for people working, another key strategy for resisting heat stress is to be fit.