Big companies’ garbage problems can be solved

  • Apr 18,2021
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The world’s largest companies for customer goods have a big problem.The plastic bags they use to sell goods are all over the oceans and they have their logos on them. They really try hard to make this problem go away with sponsoring beach cleanups, use recyclable bags, change packages among other things like money or vouchers for example ,but he biggest effort they have to do is to make their customers switch from using single-use bags to reusable ones and they are still struggling with that. It sounds impossible in our consumer world for this to happen but maybe there is a light in the tunnel.

Many big companies like Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestlé, Clorox and PepsiCo are all trying to become eco-friendly and it’s all because of Tom Szaky’s idea.He is a founder and CEO of TerraCycle,recycling company in New Jersey and the person behind Loop.The biggest aim of the company is to sell popular brands ‘ products in reusable packages.Many big brands like Tide, Pantene, Gillette and Häagen-Dazs ice cream are all sell in reusable packages by Zsaky’s company.Customers pay a refundable amount of money or each package then they use the product and throw the garbage in special Loop tote and send them back so they can be cleaned and used again.This is really risky initiative because if something fails Zsaky will not only lose the big amount of money that the companies invest in his business but also his reputation as green business boss.The participants in the project will also be disappointed if something goes wrong because for them this will be one fewer solution to handle the plastic problem.In an interview for CNN Zsaky says that this is his company biggest risk.But he is familiar to risks.

The reusable packaging came out of the fashion industry a long time ago when the cheap plastic bags and bottles come to our lives.Nowadays the task for the recycling industry to turn back the durable packaging in our busy world where everybody is used just throw away everything that is very hard but not impossible and people like Tom Zsaky are real proof. Reusing a package means people have to put extra efforts to preserve it  and nobody wants to, that’s why Lisa McTigue Pierce, executive editor of Packaging Digest is really skeptical about TerraCycle's idea. She thought at first that this is impossible for Tom Zsaky and his company to make people reuse the packaging but the she remembered who actually he is and the maybe he is the only person who can make people do it.The idea is still in process and they are trying to figure out some more details but Tom is really persistent, he know that customers want convenience, he is working everyday to improve his ideas and most of the critics believe in him,he dreams of garbage-free world and and it is really possible for him to make it done.